Taylor Lineman


Watch the world evolve.

Terran Integration Application (or T.I.A. for short) is my winning 2021 submission to Apple's Swift Student Challenge.


T.I.A is an application that allows the user to create a genetic simulation. The user can create different species with different sets of genes. These species will then live together in a randomly generated environment. Based on the species genes, the genetic algorithm backing the application will simulate the species evolving and changing to better fit their environments.

On top of the genetic algorithm, TIA also has a small storyline built into the application. The storyline puts you in the place of a person who has been discovered an other worldly being. This being has put you down in front of a genetic simulation to see how you would perform as a species ruling over an environment. The storyline can be discovered through interacting with the floating TIA ball.


Expo Video