Taylor Lineman

📝️ Writing

Almost every Wednesday I write a blog post called Wonderful Web! This blog post highlights a set of new websites each week. These sites can be anything, but are usually tech related.

Besides writing Wonderful Web, I also write small posts about my Apps and workflows. These are more spontanoues so there is not defined schedule for them.

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👾 Programming

I work on a lot of different programming projects. A lot stem from personal projects but some also stem from clubs I do at school. My personal projects usually focus on Apple Centric development and my school projects focus on firmware and hardware!

Currently I am working on a couple of projects. The biggest two are my apps Manny and Jellycuts. Jellycuts was just recently Open-Sourced and started off my path of writing more and more open source projects!

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📸 Gallery

You can see my photography in a gallery format on this website! High quality downloads are also available if you fancy 🥰.

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