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Zachary Lineman

Freelance iOS Development

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About Me

Hey 👋 I am a New York based independent Developer. I have been working on iOS Apps since 2018. I started my journey of making iOS apps with simple one use apps for Journaling, To-Do and Financial tracking. From there I began to branch out into other areas. The first app that I released on the app store was in partnership with a business partner. After releasing SCUM Map, I started to working on Jellycuts. After almost a year of developing Jellycuts and growing the community, I released it onto the App Store. I am still supporting both Jellycuts and SCUM Map.

In between working on Jellycuts and SCUM Map, I also work on contracting jobs. I have developed multiple iOS apps for an array of companies. I have worked on purely iOS apps as well as full stack apps. Most recently, I have worked on a full stack app. This app used SwiftUI, UIKit, Firebase, NodeJS and a Python Server. Most work for this app was upgrading from UIKit to SwiftUI and then developing Widgets and Live Activities.

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