Zachary Lineman

Hello ๐Ÿ‘‹, my name is Zachary Lineman

Independent iOS developer

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About Me

Hi! I am an 18 year old student, iOS Developer and Language Developer. I work on a lot of different projects, across a lot of different languages. I have experience writing Swift, Jelly, Javascript & Node.js, Python, C++, and C#. I like to work on whatever projects are currently interesting to me. I am currently working on Jellycuts, an app that allows you to write Siri Shortcuts in my programming language Jelly.

My Blog

I try and blog about all of the different projects I am working on along with ideas for new projects. While searching for an engine to get started blogging, I did not find a satisfactory one, so I ended up building my own. You can check out this blog post to learn more about it

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My Current Projects

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Create extremely powerful shortcuts with Jellycuts. Jellycuts is an IDE for iOS shortcuts that allows you to create complex shortcuts quickly and easily. You can create a shortcut in the Jelly language, a full language for iOS Shortcuts. Jellycuts takes your code and converts it into shortcuts that are runnable in the shortcuts app.

Jellycuts Testflight


Scum map is a map app for the game Scum. It has a modern and sleek design that allows for multiple setsย of pins across the map and user-added fully customizable pins. User added pins can shared between you and your squadmates. Pins sync instantly between you and your mates, making sure that you never miss a change in plans.

Scum AppStore
Firefly Icon


Firefly is a pure swift Syntax highlighter for iOS. It was created to be a fast and native solution to a problem that did not have many good solutions. The project is open sourced so that anyone can help improve it and make it the best syntax highlighter for iOS.

Firefly Github

OJR Tech Pac

I was one of the founding members of the OJR TPAC club. Tech Pac was formed as a way to help students adapt to the challenges that come along with virtual learning. To better help the students at my school, I worked alongside Thomas Damiani and Sam Ferreira to create a website that students could visit when they need technology help. The site features a robust custom ticketing system that we created to allow us to better manage the clubs support tickets.

TPAC Website

My Past Projects


Swiftus - Alpha

Swiftus allows users to create app-like experiences on an iOS device. The full customizability of each view lets the user make any app they want.

Doodle Party Icon

Doodle Party

For week 122 of the game jam, me and my friend Sam Ferreira developed the game Doodle Party. Doodle Party is a local multiplayer party game where the contestents fight to draw the object they where given. Each player is given a differnet object to draw, but only has one line & a short amount of time to draw on the shared canvas. Players must face off to control the canvas and have their object drawn at the end of the time.