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WWDC22 Pass Maker

This is an Apple Wallet Pass generator for WWDC22. With it you can generate an unofficial pass to add to your collection!


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The Apple Logo, and WWDC 2022 Logo are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

My Other Work!

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Create extremely powerful shortcuts with Jellycuts. Jellycuts is an IDE for iOS shortcuts that allows you to create complex shortcuts quickly and easily. You can create a shortcut in the Jelly language, a full language for iOS Shortcuts. Jellycuts takes your code and converts it into shortcuts that are runnable in the shortcuts app.

Jellycuts Testflight App Store


Scum map is a map app for the game Scum. It has a modern and sleek design that allows for multiple sets of pins across the map and user-added fully customizable pins.

Scum AppStore